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Selasa, 16 Juni 2009

Co.CC free domain

domain gratis co.cc
Halo temen-temen semua.... Ini ada free subdomain gratis lagi, namanya free domain co.cc. Phii dah coba, n registrasinya lumayan cepet. Dalam 24 jam sudah diinformasikan ke email kita, apakah domain yang kita request avaliable atau tidak.

co.cc domain service

  • you.co.cc will redirect to your own website.

  • Both you.co.cc and www.you.co.cc work.

  • URL hiding / Path forwarding

  • Compatible with the major search engines and optimized to give you a higher ranking.


  • For Free

Website Promotion

  • Free submission to the major search engines.

  • Compatible with the major search engines and optimized togive you a higher ranking.

Real-time Statistik

  • Real-time reporting

  • Detailed information of your visitors including total and average,unique, hourly information, what web site they come from, exact time of visit, and IP address.

Kamu semua bisa mencobanya di http://www.co.cc/regist/regist_step1.php.

CO.CC:Free Domain